Special designed sofa

I have a black leather sofa. It’s one of a kind. The dogs have fixed it for me and it’s super special. It’s got a hole in the middle cushion because Nimbus is unable to get under the blanket himself and he dug a hole when I was asleep one night trying to make the blanket cover him. *sigh*

It’s got other “special features” too – one of the back cushions is thicker and “shorter” (uh.. how do you explain that in a good way) – and this is why;

It’s Bajas’ favourite spot… He uses it only if I sit next to him and he can be close while I read or watch tv. He’s so cute I just can’t deny him this…
It’s not a very recent habit – he’s been doing it since he was a teeny weeny poopie!
Uh… Mommy? Why did you leave me up here all alone?
And why are you flashy-thinging me?
I’m getting lonely… I’m going doooooown!