Thank you!

We completely forgot to thank you all so very much for your support.. It’s been a weird time but things are starting to get more normal each day! We enjoy reading blogs, but haven’t been commenting much or posting anything, but hopefully things will turn around. The hardest part was posting the very first thing after the announcement.. (Yes, that’s one really old picture, but the only one we could find right now – and look at that cute little puppy-butt!)

Ane, Bajas and Nimbus!

Coco 12/19/98-05/15/08

I’m sorry we’ve been absent for a while, and to return with sad news. Our sweet, sweet, naughty, smelly (sorry, darling) Coco-pug passed away on Thursday. Here’s a few pictures to remember her by.

Ane – the WriggleButtMom

PS: The boys are doing just fine! They do not seem to miss her at all, I’m afraid. She was rather bossy, though, so perhaps they’re enjoying their freedom.

Coco to the rescue!

This is Sandra. We might have forgotten to tell you all about her, because… Frankly… She’s generally rather boring. She always stay in her crate without wanting to play or cuddle with us at all. Can you imagine?? Anyways.. She’s the last Zebrafinch around here. Mom have had zebbies for years and they were one of the reasons she got interested in genes and biology and breeding and stuff… She’s owned Sandra’s parents, too.. and her sister who passed away a couple of months ago. They were getting old and Mom don’t plan to keep zebbies now – at least not for a while – so currently Sandra is living alone, poor girl.

Anyways.. This weekend Coco woke Mom up early.. Mom got rather grumpy but got up and let her out assuming she was thirsty. But she just stared at Mom and jumped back into the chair to sleep. Mom took her outside anyway hoping she wouldn’t be awaken again. No such luck. A little while later Coco started whining and when Mom got up she just stared at her. Then Mom noticed Sandra was making weird noises.. She checked on her and discovered that something had gotten stuck in the thingy she’s got her teeny weenie kibble in and she couldn’t get food! As soon as Mom fixed it she started eating and was all happy again. And Coco went back to sleep. Then Mom tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t so she got up instead.

She’s a cutie, though.. Her mom was named Nimba because Nimbus couldn’t get enough of sitting in the chair next to her crate and just watch her jump around. These pictures was taken years ago when she was just growing up. If you notice her tail feathers are ruffled from sleeping in the nest rather than on a branch!

Safe sniffs,
the WriggleButts

Coco the Birthday Girl!

Happy NINTH birthday, Coco!

Sweet cuddlebug
Here at age 5
Tongue extraordinaire!
Shaking her heart tag last summer.
Just looking plain cute!

I can’t believe you’ve already been here with me and your son for over 4 years! Time flies by and you don’t look any older – or act any older at all.
I promise to get you something special for later, sweetie!

Hugs, Mom!

I’m Coco!

Thought it was time I introduced myself properly. My name is Klehaugens Britta Eime Alt, but my call name is Coco. I’m the boss around here. The First Lady. I’ve heard the others use the word bossy.. I think that sounds a bit negative. I’m boss and they really have to deal with it. If they just do as I wish all the time we’d have no problems what so ever.
So this is me again. I’m pretty cute, huh? I’m turning NINE this December (the 19th). I know.. I look just like a puppy. When we went to buy dog food last week the guy in the production area (the Polish workers there gave me some testers! Yay!) said “She is kinder, yes?” They don’t speak much Norwegian, so mom said it was a sort of English-German mix. Either way they thought I was a puppy! Hah! Cutest pup(py) ever!
My tongue is long enough to lick between my eyes! Neat, huh? And I have the smelliest breath in history – and i just LOVE to give kisses! They kall them stinkykisses.. Bah.. But you just can’t avoid getting my kisses.. If you try I’ll jump in your face and kissybite your nose.. So you’ll get my smelly breath in your nose anyways. Just kiss me!

This is Bajas on the right and me on the left with our racing blankets! Looking good, huh? Bajas is my son. Like for real. He actually came to live here before me. So he tried to write an introduction before I did mine, but that just wasn’t happening. No way! I came here for my “retirement” to live with my son and Mom. Anette, our breeder and the lady Mom bought Bajas from decided she had too many dogs at home to care for them all properly. She didn’t want to let the young show dogs go, and she didn’t have the heart to let the old dogs go.. So I, at the prime age of almost five, took the trip across the mountains and joined my son and his human Mom. I knew it would be a pretty good place to stay as she’d already shown her great taste in pugs choosing my son as her first dog! Then a little while later Nimbus came along!

If I see a dog or something similar(pig, horse, bear, dark car etc) on the TV I’ll jump up and bark at it! And I HATE that ugly, ugly black thing with a squished face that live in certain objects around the house.. The stove.. Picture frames.. What Mom calls “a mirror” etc.. I just go totally crazy trying to attack it before it attacks me, but we always tend to attack at the very same moment. Mom says I must have Body Dismorphic Disorder or something.. I have no idea what that means.. But I wish the ugly thing in “the mirror” would move to someone else!

Oh.. And they call me Stinkadora, too.. cause my breath is stinky.. And Pøse.. That’s sort of doglanguage-Norwegain.. and too hard to try to explain in English.. Sorry.. (Uh.. okay.. I’ll try.. It’s babylanguage for sausage.. implying I’m sausage shaped.. )

Stinky kisses, Coco!