Birthday Celebrations!

Thanks for all your kind words on my birthday! I had a furry nice day – just LOOK what I got for dinner!




I also got a nice new bed, but we haven’t gotten any good pictures of it yet. It’s supposed to fit in my crate to have in the car. Mom also took some nice pix of my nine year old self, but it’s hard to post using only cell phones, so we’ll post those later.

Nine years and one day

Bajas’ Birthday Party!

Mom made muffins for me! Hah.. MeMeMe!
It was oh so yummy! I got one all to myself…

..while Nimbus and Coco had to share the other one. The rest were made with chocolate so we couldn’t have any more even though we might have begged a little.

This is my cute birthday self going to sleep! I had a great day with Mom home all day and we got a great walk on the beach with Mom and PA and it was spring weather and lovely and flowers all over. Mom brought the camera, but she didn’t remember to check the batteries, so unfortunately they took no pictures. But I promise it was almost as pretty as me! If you can imagine..

Bajas the ex-birthday boy

Tomorrow, tomorrow…

Hi friends! I just want to remind the world that tomorrow is one very, very important day! Yup, that’s right. Tomorrow is my birthday! I’m sure you’ll all join me in my celebration!

I’m of course still oh-so-cute, just extra wise and handsome too!
I expect I’ll be getting plenty of cuddling and kisses and pressies, too!

…so I guess I’d better go take a bath and brush my teeth and prepare for MY DAY!

Sneezes and licks,

Bajas, the soon to be BirthdayBoy

Nimbus the Birthday Boy

Hi Fans!
Thanks so much for all your birthday wishes! I had a pretty good day, with a few exceptions. I’ve always known Mom is a meanie – but she actually said this little RAT is me. Hah.. I totally wasn’t a rat when I was young. I’m slender and beautiful (and totally M A C H O !)
So I made faces at her – that taught her a lesson!
See? I’m totally not of rat descent!
Could a rat do this? I think not!
I spent most of my day cuddling up with mom and playing our silly game where she’ll blow on my nose and I’ll give her kisses and hugs and roo-roo at her. And I got some of her leftover meat. And it wasn’t all together bad. Not very bad at all. Apart from the rat part.

Birthday kisses,
Nimbus the slender W H I P P E T !

Coco the Birthday Girl!

Happy NINTH birthday, Coco!

Sweet cuddlebug
Here at age 5
Tongue extraordinaire!
Shaking her heart tag last summer.
Just looking plain cute!

I can’t believe you’ve already been here with me and your son for over 4 years! Time flies by and you don’t look any older – or act any older at all.
I promise to get you something special for later, sweetie!

Hugs, Mom!