Ok.. So Mom actually filled the little white bed with sand, and Virus is using it as a toilet! Well.. I just had to test if the bed was any comfier with sand in it.. it’s a bit better, actually..

So now Mom was complaining she had a PUG getting sand all over the house, rather than a cat.. BOL..
Then I did some relaxing on the couch, but she seems to find that amusing, too, just because my position was a bit unique.
The little one was sleeping on the useless climbing thing.. That, on the other hand, was apparently only cute..


Bajas test the kitty stuff!

As I’m sure you understand Mom has been doing some shopping lately. Virus have got to have some stuff of his very own upon his arrival. He’s not eating MY food, that’s for sure! Since he is arriving TOMORROW (sorry.. I just had to scream that out loud!) I thought I had to start testing all the stuff she’s gotten is as good as they need to be.
I’ve been using this little plastic bed a bit lately. For some reason it make Mom giggle. It’s not overly comfy…If you wish you can biggify this picture to see I’ve left some of my furs to make it more comfy for him. I’m so nice. Mom said something about adding sand, but I don’t think sand is a comfy material. Stupid Mom.

Then there’s this thing. I’m not going to reveal just how much time it took to find my balance. But it’s really, really hard. And completely useless.
It made a good place to pose, though…
See how impressed I am? Sigh…
Further down it’s got a hole.. But they’ve made it too small and too high up!
There’s really no getting up this way, sorry Virus..