Tuesday Training – Relaxation

It’s Christmas soon and people tend to stress out! I’ve put in hours and hours of work on Gummi to help him calm down around the house and yesterday I got around to writing a bit about it in an article in our Training section. The page can be found here, but I’ve copied most of the text into this post. I have also added a few links here that will eventually get into the article, or somewhere else in the training section. Please note that this is only a small aid on the way to a relaxed dog. Exercise, mental stimulation, fun and games and loving companionship are also important parts of the puzzle that will (eventually) create a relaxed dog.

First I would like to show you a video I came across today as a little inspiration. It’s also fun to see that Gummi already knows some of the stuff – but there’s sure lots of stuff to learn out there!

On leash relaxation
I haven’t done very much of this, but it can be very helpful to do this in addition to the other two. Especially because here the puppy is “forced” to be passive while the other two will, at least initially, give you a puppy that FAKES relaxation. This is what you do: Put puppy on a leash, give puppy enough leash to lie down comfortably but not get up. Step on the leash and ignore puppy when he tries to get up, but feel free to give attention and praise and even treats when puppy lies down. If your puppy is strong like mine you might find that you need to have shoes on for sufficient friction against the floor (or they’ll just pull and get a longer leash).

Very relaxed puppy – but on leash!

On bed/in crate training
Get clicker and treats and puppy (on leash if necessary). Get out the bed(crate). When puppy looks at the bed – click and treat (C&T). Any interest in the bed = C&T but gradually increase the criteria so he has to approach the bed/touch the bed and so on. It can be helpful to toss the treats on the bed so he has to get on it to eat them. Soon you’ll only C&T for going onto the bed – now start rewarding sitting down/lying down on the bed. Once he’s lying down on the bed start C&T only when he’s resting his chin on the ground/his paw or he rolls onto his side and any other more relaxed positions. Gradually increase the time he has to lie down before he’s rewarded. If he moves from the bed before getting a treat but immediately goes back it’s good to C&T immediately. With a little training you’ll be able to do this while you’re watching TV (have the clicker and treats handy and watch the dog out of the corner of your eye).

I’ve done this with two dog beds, an area of the couch and the crate for Gummi + one area of the floor where the dog bed we’ve done the most training with used to be. He started offering laying down there even without the bed and I decided it was handy to reinforce that as well.

General relaxation
C&T for any relaxed behavior like lying down on the floor or outside on leash when you’re standing still for some reason. For example when I’m dicing chicken for dinner and Gummi lies down I’ll mark this (I use my marker word “good” that’s been taught in the same way as the clicker when I need both my hands like when I’m cooking, it’s a little less effective than the clicker but works well) and treat him. Either I’ll toss a bit of whatever I’m chopping or I’ll have treats handy. Generally I do both (but not at the same time). When we’re waiting for the train I’ll C&T him for laying down. When we’re on the train I’ll C&T him for laying down on the floor.. and so on.

PhotobucketGummi faking relaxation – he’s entirely focused on me but his eyes are hidden here. Also – notice his hind legs are rather stiff.

Now we’ve finally reached the point where I’ll sometimes forget he’s there as he’ll just lie down when I’m doing stuff in the kitchen! Took time – but SO worth it. Laying down is always his go-to response if he’s not sure what I want from him. He’s still mostly faking relaxation rather than actually relaxing. I don’t mind this – the important thing is that he lies down!!

PhotobucketMore fake relaxation at the big dog show Dogs4All – right in front of him dogs are running around in the show ring. This is why I don’t mind fake relaxation! ;)

PhotobucketAll the relaxation training makes “down” his default behavior which is very handy when you’re out and about.

A few other good links on the subject of relaxation:
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Wanna help out our friend? (It’s easy)

Our friend is entered in a photo contest – will you vote for her?

This is Zula, she’s a Bengal cat. Isn’t this a fun picture of her?

You should find her photo here: http://www.petworld.no/?nr=182&startrow=120&ID=

Then choose “6” under her photo and press “Stem” to vote. You can only vote once from every IP address – but you can vote from your phone, work, home and anyplace you can think of if you want to! (If the photo isn’t on that page it must have moved to page number 5, it’s currently on page number 4 but sometimes new photos are added.)

Boring Tuesday

You might not get it from the picture, but today was a Very Boring Day. Mom seemed to be home from school, and should have spent the entire day having fun with us… But apart from this little walk and a few training sessions she spent all her time hovering above a pile of papers!? She mumbled something about having to correct 30 essays, but that didn't seem hard at all. I could have shredded those papers for her in less than five minutes. For sure!