Thankful Thursday, what Bajas taught me

Okay, so we don’t really celebrate thanksgiving (although we will sometimes use the excuse to have a turkey). However, sitting down and being thankful isn’t a bad thing! I started out intending to make this a thankful-in-general-post, but turns out it’s a “thankful for the stuff Bajas taught me”-post.

Hidra juli-august 2004 (73)

I’m thankful for this crazy little pug who taught me I wanted to be a Crazy Dog Lady when I thought I wanted a quiet companion dog.

Hidra juli-august 2004 (145)….and that you should always take the time to have some fun with your dog(s).

juli 09 404

He taught me how dog sports are not only for the working breeds, and how many companion dogs need to use their brains more.juli 09 410

(Bajas says “Hi mom, why on earth are you there on the ground with the camera thingy instead of running around with me?)

 photo turkeyday.jpgHe taught me that rawfeeding is the way to go and that even when you’re small, old and almost toothless you can eat a turkey. (This one is from thanksgiving in 2011.)


He taught me the importance of going to see the vet when you’re not in pain or sick, but just to chat with the staff and eat some treats. With pugs love for food and attention being put on a table to be looked at and given treats is a pretty good deal anyway, but making sure the place isn’t associated with pain or prodding is a good idea. They loved him so at our regular vet’s – I could let him off leash in the parking lot and he’d run straight in (much to the amusement of the staff).

 photo Foto1407.jpg
He taught me you should always have room for at least one dog while typing. And that dog faces can really mess up the use of a touch pad or keyboard if the best sleeping position is in the middle of it.

I also have a new understanding of the magic properties of pug hair and still find it in the most amazing places now almost two years after having to let him go…

Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, whether you’re celebrating or not. And as always we’re thinking of Sal, Toby and their crazy turkey penis adventures!¬†

A few updates

Hi guys!

I’m actually writing this from Bangkok, Thailand. We’re at the end of our vacation and I’ve spent the evening doing some much needed updates on the blog. I’m nowhere finished and I doubt things will get back to what I won’t call normal (but… the ideal perhaps?) for a while yet. I have, however, gotten around to creating a memory-page and placing Bajas page under that heading. I’ve also finally made pages for the other previous wrigglebutts who are at the rainbow bridge with him. They are not elaborate, but I have at least a photo of everyone now.

Oh, and the little princess Pipette has her own page, finally. I’ll get around to adding info, for now there are only a few puppy photos. But what cute puppy photos they are! ūüėČ

I hope our friends are all doing well. We know sweet Benny is at the rainbow bridge with Bajas and the others now and we hope he’s having fun and send his family our most comforting thoughts.


A few old pix I recieved

My dad sent me some old pictures of Bajas a while back. All photos are taken in and around our cottage.

Relaxing in the sun!

And his favorite, and possibly mine too: Bajas relaxing in the old trough we keep the newspapers in.

I picked up the ashes the other day.. a little sad and strange, but in many ways we have gotten more used to it by now. And we joked a little about him being black and shiny as always (the urn) .


Happy Friday

Hi everyone!

Thank you for all your kind words about Bajas. It was a sad and strange weekend, but also so very touching to see how one little pug can affect people all over the world. Of course he was the very best one, but still… Gummi and I and the curlies had lots of time to snuggle over the weekend and since then it’s been just plain crazy at the University. Things go back to normal there next week (intensive intro course over 8 days), but I’m working this weekend so might still not have too much time for fun.

Here’s a photo from the weekend. Gummi and I had a lovely walk both days, even quite exciting on Saturday but we’ll get back to that one later.


Tonight we’ll just snuggle on the couch!

Please note Gummi actually sleeping on the couch!!! It’s a miracle. Not sure if he’s still sad or actually growing up..
Either way he’s pretty darn cute!

Hugs to all!

Bajas 2002 4/15 – 2012 1/6

Bajas was put to sleep this afternoon at one thirty. After injuring his back last year it was only a matter of time and today was the day. He’s been enjoying Christmas on the couch or in front of the fire with us, eating whatever he wanted and mostly being carried around in the house and to go outside to potty. He’s deteriorated fast the last few days, so it was really time. Once the ice and snow came outside he started walking even less and with that reduction in movement he started having pain, most likely from the calcifications in his joints.

I know it was the right decision, but it’s so strange imagining a future without him. There has been other dogs before him, but none like him. He was the dog that turned me into a crazy dog lady rather than just a person with dog(s). He introduced me to dog sports, first and foremost obedience, but also agility, tracking, tricks and so on. I knew pretty much nothing about dogs other than as regular family pets before him. I didn’t plan to get a dog with so much drive, but I got him and just had to find ways to channel the brains and energy he had so that he didn’t drive me NUTS.

I’ve found a few (lots) pictures of some of the things he’s done during his 10 years.

Just being beautiful

Baby beareater
He’s always loved stuffies, this Koala was one of his first.

He did love them BIG!

Tur med Ducky
But small ones, like Ducky here, could be okay too.

BamBam has been his favorite for the last few years.

Baj på sofarygg med Raff
Raff has been a good friend, too!

As a puppy – ready for school. He took lots of classes – they were the only place he was busy enough to behave. LOL!

Auntie Lene knitted this hat for his 6month birthday – we threw a party with guests and everything!

Best of Breed at his first puppy show.

Out on lots of adventures – here on the mountain Langeland near our cottage.

Walking with Coco and Nimbus.

Moose hunting..

Skitur Gålå


Walking on the frozen lake.

Adventures on the little island in our lake.

Lille√ły med Virus
Virus kept him company!

He never willingly went into the water (with one exception) until he turned 5 years old, but then he began really enjoying wading into the water.

Bajas andelår
Due to food allergies he ended up on a raw diet – which he’s enjoyed tremendously. Here he’s eating a duck leg.

He’d help me bake, too!


Fun in the forest!

He’s tolerated lots of annoying little brudders.. Here with puppy Nimbus.

And even one annoying niece, Cindy.

It’s a bit sad he got injured before Gummi arrived, making it less fun for them to hang out than I would have hoped. Hopefully Gummi will get to hang out with his own brother or sister in the future without having to worry about anything, just have fun.

He was pretty patient after all. Poor Bajas! Didn’t help much to tell him he’d been just as annoying when he was a pup..

Little baby brudder Virus kept him company when Bajas suddenly was an only dog a few years back. They learned to enjoy each other’s company.

baj og virus i soff

Julekort 2009

Run free, Bajas.. We’re going to miss you, but we’re so very thankful for knowing you.

Tricksy Thursday

Hi friends!

We hope you have had a great time whether you’ve celebrated howlidays or not. We haven’t really been busy, but rather uninspired. Mom’s been unpackin boxes and all sorts of boring stuff. We’ve gotten a little training done, though!

And Mom’s said she’s going to teach Gummi to wipe his paws and grind his own nails. Time will show if that’s really going to happen.

Earlier this week I got to go to a pawty! I got to dress up as Santa Paws and sit in the passenger seat next to Mom on the way there and back!

Notice the conveniently placed pug for maximum tripping opportunities!

I got to snuggle with auntie!

I had some fun with Odin, too!


Old Dogs and Broken Hearts

I’m feeling a little sad today… Every now and then I start to think about Old Dogs and it breaks my heart. Especially the thought of one particular Old Dog – Bajas. A year ago I had an eight year old puppy. People would ask me how old my puppy was and I’d be so proud of my little old man.. Couldn’t they see his face was getting gray? But his bubbly personality would make such an impact they’d just assume he had to be a puppy. But he wasn’t. As a puppy he was a nightmare! As a little old man he was a delight – well behaved and still puppy like. But when he fell and hurt his back this spring things started to change. Being immobilized to such an extent he’s lost almost all his muscle tone. He can’t go for walks or many of the other things he enjoyed so much.. He’s turned into an Old Dog. Every time he falls over my heart breaks.. And every time he does his happy pug dance when we enter the room I’m reminded of how much I love him.

I’ve been worrying about the day he’s experiencing more trouble than joy. I’ve been worrying about what will happen when it gets cold – will it cause him pain? Then yesterday I realized something. Winter is coming… It’s going to be snow and ice and ickyness outside. He’s already falling over on the grass… what will happen when it’s heaps of snow or slippery ice? There’s only so much we can do to help him. I realized that there’s a chance the footing will become such a challenge that we might have to make a difficult decision. It makes me so sad to think about. So I’m not going to – we’ll see whether it will become an issue eventually. It’s nothing we can do either way, so we’ll just enjoy the happy moments for now.

Hug your pug!

Easy like.. Saturday morning!?

Hello friends!

We haven’t forgotten about you, we’ve just been furry, furry busy. Today Mom was finally home for something else than dinner and sleeping, so we got to go outside in the SUN!

Two more weeks of craziness and then things will slowly start to go back to normal (and that’s technically “normal” since Camp WriggleButts is a crazy place to start with).

Kisses to all
Gummi, Hyssy, Virus and Bajas