Hear me roar!

Mom ordered a pair of silly lion “manes” for us for Halloween. They didn’t arrive in time and were just stuck in one of the drawers of Dog Stuff for later. But when Mom popped in there to pick up a few treats for a photo session with our new collars she saw them and brought them outside, too. She was rather impressed with how good I looked. But really, I always look good and she should have known better.

 photo IMG_2549.jpg

 photo IMG_2557.jpg

 photo IMG_2567.jpg

 photo IMG_2588.jpg

 photo IMG_2594.jpg

 photo IMG_2597.jpg
I think Pipette needs a size medium rather than small if she’s to have the same effect as Gummi (if it’s even possible). She’s a cute little shaggy pony, though.

 photo IMG_2605.jpg

 photo IMG_2607.jpg
C’mon Gummi – let’s PLAY!

Sorry – gotta go!