Beach Fun with Lykke and Saga!

I made some new friends yesterday! Mom’s been meeting up with this very nice lady to swap.. wait for it.. MEATABLES! Yup, you heard me!

So – meet Lykke and Saga! The one with the snazzy haircut is Lykke, and the lady with nice long locks is Saga.

Their human was really nice, too! But then again, I would expect nothing else of someone willing to meet up and swap meat.

Saga was.. ahem.. perhaps a leeetle grumpy, but she wasn’t so bad once you got to know her. And I’m not a guy who’ll take “no” for an answer.

Mom said something about it being good for me to socialize with dogs, but I would like to point out that I’m actually a NATURAL at this social stuff.

And not just with the humans, even though I’m very experienced at charming the two-leggers.

They threw sticks in the water! The girls were not scared at all, so I had to get my feet wet too.

Look at me go! (I had some technical trouble getting the stick out of there, though. But it’s not MY fault there’s so much water in there!?! How can you ever drink it all so the stick will be accessible??!)

Lykke managed to get hold of it somehow!

But being a true gentleman: I helped!

I’m not trying to take the stick from her! Srlsly!

Three friends running off into the sunset?!

I have a couple of videos to show you later, too, but they need some time to upload.
Big kisses,

The Pet Food Jungle

Hi guys!

As you know we here at Camp WriggleButts feed a home made, raw prey model diet. This isn’t something you can do without spending some time learning about nutrition and how to make the food balanced and correct. Although we’d love for every cat and dog and ferret out there to have a natural diet like us we understand that it’s not likely to happen, at least not in our lifetime. We came across these great videos about reading pet food labels and just wanted to share. Learning how to figure out what’s in the bag/can and whether it’s good for us can be hard, and these videos are quite easy to understand and very informative. What Dr. Karen Becker says is very representative of what we’ve learned after years of reading studies and articles and text books so we feel confident in recommending them.

Note – these are American videos and so all the talk about choosing American products is of course only valid in the US, although the part about avoiding Chinese treats is probably true for all of us. We generally recommend you to source your food as locally as possibly, and that goes for both two- and four-legged friends.

The planned post for today about Gummi’s new toy can wait until tomorrow. We hope these might be of use to some of you and we’ll probably include them in our food section of the website once Mom has the time to make it all better.

Hyssing, Virus, Gummi and Bajas

PeeEss: Mom’s knee is much better already after a weekend having it up most of the time. She also went on an exciting visit on Saturday that we’ll get around to tell you about eventually.

2011 Egg Challenge

Hi everyone!

Want to join the challenge? A discussion on WhippetWorld somehow turned into the 2011 Egg Challenge. Here’s my video of my first introduction to a whole, raw egg. Why don’t you try and show the result on your bloggy? I sure had fun, as you can see here:


PeeEss: We had a question about the shell – it’s no problem if the dogs eat them, we actually used ground eggshell for the kitties as a substitute for bone before they got to be great bone crunchers.
PeePeeEss: We know many who give eggs frozen as a nice, refreshing treat. It’s good if they know it’s edible before you try that one, though!

Foodie Friday [Water]

NB! Our favorite M&Ms just informed me that they don’t see our pictures. Our photo host was “all new and better” today so we wonder if it’s got something to do with it. PLS let me know if any more of you can’t see them. We know M&M have had issues with our pix before when they worked for others, so there’s also a chance that their computer sometimes sensor my handsomeness?

Hello Foodie Friends!

Today we’ll talk a little about a part of food that we don’t really think of as food at all – WATER. If we generalize a little most animals have a water content of about 75%. That means both you and your hooman(s) are more water than anything else!

I like water quite a lot, actually, as long as they don’t make me swim in it. I don’t swim very well.

Hyssy was quite skeptical when approaching the water, as was Virus. This is actually a quite common behavior for cats. Cats originated from small felines living in a desert climate. Since there’s hardly any thing there to drink, cats evolved to get virtually all their water from their food. Dogs are a little more prone to drinking if you look at our history. We’re also designed to get most of our water from the prey animals we eat, though.

Hee hee.. Here’s more pee! This is a color sample of Virus or Hyssy’s pee when they were eating the kibbles. They got some canned foods and tastes of raw foods, too, but their base food was kibble. You can see it’s quite dark yellow/orange in color.

Mom did a test month last spring where we all got no kibbles and only canned or raw to see if the kitties were getting enough water when they had to do most of their drinking on their own. She had read several studies that suggested the majority of cats are constantly dehydrated and wanted to make sure that was not the case with her boys. They did eat almost 50/50 canned and kibble most days. Still… it turned out at that they were not drinking sufficiently. We cannot seem to find the photo of their all raw/canned food pee, but when it was wet it had about the color of the yellowish dry crystals in the photo above, only less orange/brown and more like a very pale, pure yellow. There really was no doubt that they had been dehydrated by the amounts of pee they now left in the litter box.

So now they more or less stopped drinking altogether, but peed about twice the amount compared to before. The most surprising change, though, was the change in attitude. Virus used to be a rather aloof cat. He’d like to sit in a lap now and then, and ride on on of the hoomans’ shoulders. But he wasn’t exactly what you’d call a purring machine. He became a different cat. Cuddly.. social.. and I think he purrs at least 10 times as much as before. There was just no doubt he was feeling much better without being constantly dehydrated. (Bajas also keeps a much better water balance when he’s fed foods with a nice high water content. No over drinking episodes and vomiting – which is nice for both of us. )

We think efurrybody should eat the foodables that work for them, but it’s important to think about water content. If your kibble fed dog is a bad drinker you might put some water on the kibble when it’s served. You shouldn’t leave moist kibble out for long because of all the bacterial growth you’ll end up with, but as long as the dog eats it right away it’s no problem. The same goes for cats, but most kibble fed cats tend to be “grazers” who eat a little now and then from their 24/7 buffet.

Now who would have thought we could write so much about water? BOL! I hope you all have a great weekend! Mom fell on her face and busted her ankle, so I hope I’ll be getting some quality company.


We’re back! And celebrating!

Hi guys!

It seemed to take forever, but yesterday Mom had her last two exams this semester! Today she went and picked up her new foot beds – fingers crossed they’ll work their magic and make her able to walk again like before! She also picked up a few meatables for me and the kitties to make up for the poor company she’s been lately. She’s also spent the rest of the day on the couch with us. Yay.

Okay.. This may not be for the squeamish!? She went by an asian market today and found several kinds of meatables that she would categorize as “fun”. (I just categorize them all as “yum”.) She got me a big bag of raw, untreated pig’s ears! She also found something that she hopes will help the kitties along their way to eating bones.

She bought a big box of FROG LEGS!

Hey there, little froggie. Are you any good?


Yum!!! I sure hope the kitties doesn’t like them, because then I can eat the whole box!

Hoppy Wednesday, efurryone! We’ll try to catch up with you all before Mom heads out on field trips, which she’ll be doing a lot of this summer.

Big kisses,