Tired Friday

Mom’s in migraine-mode. She’s better today than yesterday, but we’re doing pretty much nothing… No fun pictures or stories to tell, so here are a few more knitting projects. Two baby bibs – the brown one is cotton (eating bib) and the dark turqouise is a drooling bib (wool).
There’s supposed to be a stegosaurus on this one, but Mom wasn’t too happy with how the pattern turned out. You can see it makes Virus cranky, too!
Hope you all have great weekends!


Silly Saturday

Okay – Mom and Auntie Anna went to a museum and were all silly today. Mom did it all with a limp.. Clumsy as she is she almost fell yesterday – and tried severing her little toe from the foot by putting it on the wrong side of a metal bar (well – wrong side if you want it to go along with the rest of the foot..). It’s all nice and swollen and bloody.. But they already had plans, and she couldn’t bare the thought of sitting with her leg up ALL day..

She’s done some sitting too, though.. So she knitted up something to keep her cell phone (or mp3player) in..

Pink……or red.. Neither turned out perfect, but that’s what you get when you make up a pattern as you go. The first one (red) is a bit too wide, while the pink one ain’t all that bad but the “flip” part could have been wider (that’s what you get for over compensating).

Now they’ve even got little handles!

So let’s see these two grown women at the museum acting all mature:


Auntie walking the tight rope.. BOL.. And ignore Mom’s gibberish.. (That’s Norwegian for ya!)

Now do you think they caused a leak?
(Mom’s note: this is an exhibit on the environmen changes and challenges – and as you might guess it’s playing on the increasing water levels among other things.)

Mom playing with colour shadows!

Tomorrow is our Constitutional Day so hopefully we’ll squeeze in a little celebration (I really just want some ice cream!). We were planning a hike, but no such luck..



Okay…. I’m sorry if we’re boring you with all the knitwork… But we were asked what Mom was knitting during Election night..

Um… Let’s see… What IS this, Mom?

Um.. Okay… Your hands get cold when you’re studying, but you can’t wear gloves while typing and reading.. Uh.. okay.. If you say so…

I can see your finger, Mom!!!

She’s been doing some more knitting, too.. Well.. It was mostly finished last weekend.

She’s also knitted one more hat for Grandpa. He’s an entemologist (working with insects) and Mom found this cute snail pattern.. or something similar.. and copied it. It was her first ever attempt at knitting a pattern, and it turned out so-so, but she’s going to give it to him tomorrow anyways.
Close-up. He’s a pretty cute snail, really, even if he’s not what he could have been with a more experienced knitter. He’s got little beads at the tip of his antennae and for an eye.

Creative Thursday…

Okay… First things first – Mom is pretty much finished and is just waiting for Auntie Anna to read through it for her before handing it in. She’s been doing pretty much anything else while she was supposed to write, though.. She startet trying to crochet – but then got a bit tired of it and wanted to do something different…

I can’t believe she made me model the hat!

I’m so not impressed…
But if you like that sort of thing I’m pretty cute, huh? It’s going to be a birthday present for Grandpa, but please don’t tell him!! (And the flash make it look baby blue, but it’s actually quite a bit darker. Mom is still concerned it turned out a bit too sweet for grandpa, though..)

PS: I’ll come visit you all soon… Mom didn’t let me use the computer while she was writing.. Bah..