Thankful Thursday, what Bajas taught me

Okay, so we don’t really celebrate thanksgiving (although we will sometimes use the excuse to have a turkey). However, sitting down and being thankful isn’t a bad thing! I started out intending to make this a thankful-in-general-post, but turns out it’s a “thankful for the stuff Bajas taught me”-post.

Hidra juli-august 2004 (73)

I’m thankful for this crazy little pug who taught me I wanted to be a Crazy Dog Lady when I thought I wanted a quiet companion dog.

Hidra juli-august 2004 (145)….and that you should always take the time to have some fun with your dog(s).

juli 09 404

He taught me how dog sports are not only for the working breeds, and how many companion dogs need to use their brains more.juli 09 410

(Bajas says “Hi mom, why on earth are you there on the ground with the camera thingy instead of running around with me?)

 photo turkeyday.jpgHe taught me that rawfeeding is the way to go and that even when you’re small, old and almost toothless you can eat a turkey. (This one is from thanksgiving in 2011.)


He taught me the importance of going to see the vet when you’re not in pain or sick, but just to chat with the staff and eat some treats. With pugs love for food and attention being put on a table to be looked at and given treats is a pretty good deal anyway, but making sure the place isn’t associated with pain or prodding is a good idea. They loved him so at our regular vet’s – I could let him off leash in the parking lot and he’d run straight in (much to the amusement of the staff).

 photo Foto1407.jpg
He taught me you should always have room for at least one dog while typing. And that dog faces can really mess up the use of a touch pad or keyboard if the best sleeping position is in the middle of it.

I also have a new understanding of the magic properties of pug hair and still find it in the most amazing places now almost two years after having to let him go…

Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, whether you’re celebrating or not. And as always we’re thinking of Sal, Toby and their crazy turkey penis adventures! 

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday, what Bajas taught me

  1. You shawed an amazing life wif Bajas. Shawing youw love and fun. I know he is having a big tuwkey and smiling his bootiful puggy smile
    Smoochie kisses

  2. I loved having had the pleasure of understanding a little what Bajas was like, so I am thankful for that and for all the pets I make for people who love them 🙂

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