A few updates

Hi guys!

I’m actually writing this from Bangkok, Thailand. We’re at the end of our vacation and I’ve spent the evening doing some much needed updates on the blog. I’m nowhere finished and I doubt things will get back to what I won’t call normal (but… the ideal perhaps?) for a while yet. I have, however, gotten around to creating a memory-page and placing Bajas page under that heading. I’ve also finally made pages for the other previous wrigglebutts who are at the rainbow bridge with him. They are not elaborate, but I have at least a photo of everyone now.

Oh, and the little princess Pipette has her own page, finally. I’ll get around to adding info, for now there are only a few puppy photos. But what cute puppy photos they are! 😉

I hope our friends are all doing well. We know sweet Benny is at the rainbow bridge with Bajas and the others now and we hope he’s having fun and send his family our most comforting thoughts.


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