Beach trip and duck

We’re travelling again! This time we went up to the lake. We haven’t been there in AGES!

 photo IMG_1204.jpg
Look what we found!

 photo IMG_1204.jpg
He was a little scairt so I went out to get him!

 photo IMG_1219.jpg

 photo IMG_1223.jpg

 photo IMG_1237.jpg

 photo IMG_1238.jpg

 photo IMG_1244.jpg
Mwahahaha… He retrieves, I steal!

 photo IMG_1273.jpg
Mom brought our lighthouse, too!

 photo IMG_1264.jpg

 photo IMG_1278.jpg

 photo IMG_1279.jpg

 photo IMG_1320.jpg

Now it’s time for a nice, long NAP!




We spent almost two weeks at our cottage. Mom’s severely sprained her ankle and is on “crate rest”, but we left anyway!

 photo IMG_0769.jpg
Pipette had her very first boat trips

 photo IMG_0782.jpg

 photo IMG_0785.jpg
Pretty, right?

 photo IMG_0810.jpg

 photo IMG_0817.jpg

 photo IMG_0846.jpg
We went through the channel that goes trough the narrowest part of the island!

 photo IMG_0870.jpg
Pipette wasn’t entirely certain that the boat was a good place to be

 photo IMG_0876.jpg

 photo IMG_0892.jpg
Mom had to keep her leg up! 😉

 photo IMG_0897.jpg
I had a good time!

 photo IMG_0902.jpg

 photo IMG_0905.jpg

 photo IMG_0922.jpg
Pipette on top of the world! 🙂

 photo IMG_0931.jpg

 photo IMG_0933.jpg

 photo IMG_0959.jpg
Having a little chat with Virus on the porch!

 photo IMG_0964.jpg
Playing with my little sissy

 photo IMG_0976.jpg

 photo IMG_1007.jpg
Such a beautiful view from the deck!

 photo IMG_1015.jpg

 photo IMG_1023.jpg
Pipette is growing up

 photo IMG_1036.jpg

 photo IMG_1049.jpg