Update – meet the budgies

We’re so very far behind on our blogging! There’s just been so much else going on. Instead of starting with the beginning let’s start with the more recent news. We’ve been adding to our zoo lately – two guinea pigs and four budgies!

Meet the budgies 😀

 photo IMG_8194.jpg
Cumulus enjoys snacking on a blueberry bush

 photo IMG_8097.jpg
some nice fresh grass is nice, too! We pick in more grass flowers and other greens every day.

 photo IMG_8147.jpg

 photo IMG_8085.jpg
Such pretty colors!

 photo IMG_8044-1.jpg

 photo IMG_8022.jpg
Pretty Pip!

 photo IMG_8012.jpg
Nom – baby carrots from the garden!

 photo IMG_7991.jpg

 photo IMG_7798.jpg
Bird tongues look so funny!!!

 photo IMG_7611.jpg
The girls enjoying their first trip outside.

 photo IMG_7425.jpg

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