Going mental!

Just over a week ago we took Gummi to take a standardized test that looks at the temperament and mental staus of a dog. They look at their interest in people, chasing, playing, scary things, the sound of gunfire and (perhaps most importantly) how well they calm down after a scary event. This is not something you train the dog for it’s supposed to show how the dog is naturally. The data is compiled to give an idea about how a certain breed is (and whether it’s changing over time or not) and can be useful for breeders particularly. It’s one of the things Gummi’s breeder wishes her puppy buyers to do, along with a few different health tests. It was also really fun and interesting!

Here is a video of everything apart from the first sequence where the test leader took Gummi away from me on leash (he came with her, looked back once and then pulled on the leash all the way back). The texting is in Norwegian and there’s some talking in Norwegian on there, too, but it’s easy enough to see what’s happening if you want to watch.

Gummi MH from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

Gummi thought it was a very strange place to take a walk! ūüėČ