Pipette can wipe her paws, too!

FHTOTD 13 video 3 pips from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

She’s a clever little one 🙂 Getting a good recall is going to be a challenge, but she’s so smart! We’re doing the LoLaBuLand online puppy/tricks class at the moment and she’s enrolled in obedience class in May. They only had puppy class or obedience level 2 so I asked if we could join the level 2-class and that was okay. It’s later and easier for me to get to on time, plus she’ll have a lot of her basic skills in place by then. Will be interesting to see how she’ll work around other dogs, though.

Trick of the day 13 wipe your paws

We’ve been working on the thirteenth trick from FreestyleHundar’s trick challenge.

FHTOTD 13 video 1 from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

First session

FHTOTD 13 video 2 pips from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

Pipette’s second session. She’s so CUTE!

FHTOTD 13 video 2 gummi from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

Gummi finished his trick today! Doing it outside might be too much distraction for Pipette at the moment but we’ll see! Doing it from a meter away is the criteria, so she can finish her trick indoors if necessary.