New toys!

Mom’s been on a shopping spree again, but I’m not complaining as long as the stuff is for ME!

Clean Run toys

We were tipped off that Clean Run had some items with free International shipping. We’ve been on there several times looking at different products, but hadn’t gotten around to buy anything yet. Obviously we decided to stick to the items with free shipping, which limits the options quite a bit, but we decided to try the buffalo ears and these woolly tug toys:

The buffalo ears were thin and not suitable for a staffy size dog (I might have tried to eat it anyway and got a piece lodged in my troat..) but it’s probably okay for small dogs. The tug toys were brilliant! They’re probably not the sturdiest tug toys in the world, but you can buy tug replacements you can put on the leather handle. The leather makes them very comfy for the human, too, and they should make a great toy for those who want to entice their dog to tug more!

Kisses, Gummi!

Tip from Mom: You can find the items that ships free here: So many large companies are based in the US and many won’t ship internationally at all or it’s really crazy expensive (usually more than whatever you buy) so this is a really great deal for us! The KONG “safestix” (known among my friends as.. ahem.. the KONG safesex) is on the free shipping list and Gummi has and loves this and it’s really sturdy, too. You know how you KNOW you shouldn’t really throw sticks for your dog to fetch, but it can be so tempting? These are easy to throw (and easy to spot in the grass), float and bla-bla-bla.. but most importantly won’t splinter and stick in your dogs’ thoat. We have both a large and a small one and the small one is really pretty much as sturdy but much more convenient to take with you if you want to go play fetch. The large one is good for playing tug, though! But I might end up chopping it in two like a friend of mine did..

PeeEss: If we remember correctly you’re always supposed to assume anything “reviewed” on a blog was given to them for free, just in case, even though in this case the only free stuff was the shipping! 😉

3 thoughts on “New toys!

  1. Looks like those toys could be full with fun. Did mom throw them for you? Thanks for your review
    Benny & Lily

  2. Thanks for the great tip we will be looking into these tugs. Mom needs to get me another birthday gift anyway. I’m showing her these.


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