Very Tricky

Just like a while back (grabbing mom that drink from the cupboard) we’re doing Freestylehundar‘s “trick of the day” challenge which gave us 4 weeks to learn to march a minimum of 4 unaided steps. This is our progress so far!

The deadline is Monday, though, so we’ll have to work really really hard tomorrow if we’re going to make it! Either way we’re having fun and that’s the important part. Hope you’re all having lots of fun this weekend!

Kisses, Gummi

3 thoughts on “Very Tricky

  1. Gummi dog,
    You have that one done, I know it. Look at your little legs waving around. I am impressed. I know how hard that trick is.


  2. Wonderful job Gummi!! I’m sure you will have accomplished by Monday. If not you’re right having fun is the most important part and you can always fine tune it at any time.


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