I’m a Superhero!

I’m a superhero – but I think you already knew, didn’t you?!


“Gummi has mastered the ability to change shape into a gorilla, however doing so drains his flexibility for one minute. Additionally, he developed the talent to make duplicates of himself and he can transform any penguin into titanium. Gummi has learned to communicate with dinosaurs from a distance and he combats assailants using a magical club that can force attackers to freeze in place. Additionally, he is able to edit the memories of others. Unfortunately, Gummi is especially vulnerable to ice-based attacks. ”

BOL! I’ve used the Random Superhero Generator – you can find it here: http://www.rps.net/cgi-bin/stone/randpower.pl What are your super powers?!

Oh yeah – Mom’s one, too! ” Ane is known for her awesome proficiency at concentration. She also has the power to copy all powers of her enemies and she has been known to become tiny. Ane possesses the power to force germs to ramble incoherently and she has the ability to become invisible. Additionally, she battles assailants wielding a lethal sword that also grants a legendary fame throughout the nation. Sadly, Ane takes harm from exposure to rock. ”

They really got that last part right! Mom slipped on a root while out walking and smashed her hip into a rock when she fell.. Methinks she got that “fall” thing all wrong. It’s the SEASON itself, Mom, no falling required. Unless you’re a leaf.


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