We love fall!


Mom absolutely loves crisp, sunny fall days! And so do I!
Finally it’s cool enough to take nice long walks without overheating. And no more leash restrictions!

It’s quite muddy out there, though!

But as soon as we get up a little higher there’s mostly stone and even if they can get a little slippery, it’s fairly nice to walk up there. We’re hoping for nice days of frost but no snow, though. Let the mud freeze!

And when we got home Mom relaxed on the couch for a few minutes before starting on dinner (Norwegian fish balls, actually).. I found something in the kitchen and when I came running into the living room she asked me to show here what I had. So I gave her the popsicle. You should have seen her face! I almost rolled on the floor laughing my tail off! Took her a while to figure out that Per Arne had gotten one out of the freezer, but left it on the counter instead of eating it (he ate one of Mom’s freshly baked oatmeal cookies instead). I’d sorta looked forward to eating that popsicle, but Mom got so tired from using her brain that I let her have it instead.


1 thought on “We love fall!

  1. Good find Gummi. Too bad you didn’t get to taste the pop. Fall sure is beautiful. It is still VERY warm here
    Benny & Lily

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