Jumping around!

We’re doing agilities again! Mom bought some more jumps so we can do lots of exercises at home. Here are a couple of days worth of jumping technique training. It probably looks boring but it’s FUN (I get great rewards – often my Boomer Ball). It’s all about teaching you to evaluate the jump(s) in front of you and jump correctly, that way you build jump muscles AND learn to prevent injuries.

Set point

Mom did the comments in Norwegian, might re-post it later with English comments, but the point of the comments is: the Boomer Ball is making me a leetle too focused on the reward so I.. ahem.. stop thinking.. And then later when I fall I’m a little scared and she makes it a bit easier for me to re-build my confidence.

Mom will be away all week, but may post some photos and stuff from last week if she has the time. She’ll be doing a field course in marine biology and will most likely keep busy. I’ll keep the couch warm!


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