Let’s twist!

We’ve been a little sad around here thinking about Mango and the relentlessly huge hole he’s left in the hearts of his Momma and the Labradork (even if he’s being a good role model and getting on with his life). But I thought – what would Mango have wanted? He’d wanted me to go on with my life and have fun. So in his honor I thought I should learn to dance! I started out playing a bit of Twister.


PeeEss: We’re loving how so many are participating in the candle room! Please drop by here if you haven’t already and read all the lovely comments and light a candle if you wish.


Light a candle in memory of Mango!

It’s a rainy and tear filled morning here with the news of Mango’s passing.

We know the Labradude will miss you
Mango Momma posted this today: http://mangosgreatadventures.blogspot.no/2012/09/mango-has-crossed-over-rainbow-bridge.html

Mango was among our very first blog friends and we’ll never see anything labeled “mango” without thinking of him. We loved getting to know him and his relentlessly huge personality. Bounce and relax in the sun with Bajas at the rainbow bridge, Mango.

We took the liberty of creating a candle room in memory of Mango. You can find it here: http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/candles.cfm?l=eng&gi=mango Light a candle in his memory if you feel like it.

Ane and the boys

Someting completely different (Opera video)

This video was created for the Oslo Science Fair this weekend, where Mom’s master thesis subject had a stand with the Norwegian institute for water science (NIVA). The captions are in Norwegian, and just say how reduced pollution in the inner fjord has made it possible for different lifeforms to return. You can see underwater footage of the Opera steps and a bit of the Opera (and all the curious tourists watching).


More slow motion Gummi!

Hi guys!

I have a couple of more jumping videos to show you.

Bend work. Here the jumps are set in a sort of fan shape and I need to turn and jump at the same time.

Here four jumps are set four meters apart, so I need to take one stride between the jumps. Mom didn’t place the phone very well, so only part of it is visible (will re-do this with another angle later).

Tonight is obedience class. We haven’t practiced much since Mom was away last week (we missed class and everything..) and she’s been a little busy this week. We’ll try to get some videos of the stuff we’re doing for obedience, too!