Pupdate (I’m bored) and pix

Hi furiends!


I just wanted to let you all know I feel better, but it’s really boring to only stay calm. I also get lots of water so I pee a lot.. Mom says we won’t know for sure if there’s any permanent damage for a few weeks and until then we’ll just have to be bored.. Mom has been moving a lot of furniture and I have “helped”. She also got us a pair of couches for free! I’ve been testing them a lot 😉 Mom is making what should become her dogtrainingreenhouseoffice (BOL!) downstairs so she won’t disturb PA if he’s asleep and won’t be cold in winter (the fireplace is downstairs). It’s what would traditionally be the dining room, but we hardly ever use the dining table and certainly don’t need a room for it!

I also wanted to share some pictures from the walk Mom and I had on Friday before the stupid snake appeared.

We still have leash restrictions for a few more weeks, but Mom just let me off leash for a few photos!

I used the opportunity for a little running!

Whatcha doing down there?

Can you see me? I’m SuperPuppy flying back down!


5 thoughts on “Pupdate (I’m bored) and pix

  1. Oh little Gummi Dog. Nothing worse than feeling fit and having to rest up, but it is what it is. Try to be patient.


  2. Our paws will remain crossed that you have no permanent damage from that snake bite, Gummi! If a snake ever bit our mom, she would die from sheer fright! She hates those things!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Just think a few more days of snuggles with your Mom…what could be better? Prayer for you there is no permanent damage. Rest, Relax, Snuggle with your favorite people. You’ll be good as new soon.


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