Hyssing’s little adventure

We got a question about whether the kitties came along to the lake. They certainly did, though they do think it’s a little boring since we don’t have as much space to run around inside there, and it’s not safe for little kitties to go outside next to both a road and railroad. So – can you guess what sort of adventure Hyssy went on?

Yes of course he escaped…


He had a bit of a look around the garden!

Mom decided to take it really easy as long as he was in the garden, so she wouldn’t spook him. That’s why she took time to take the photos!

..and he came over to sniff some kitty treats!

She DID catch him.. then PA came home and when she handed Hyssy to him he spooked and ran off. Again. Further that time.. but we left the door open and put out some yummy foodables on the counter so he came home after an hour or so!

Silly little kitty…

4 thoughts on “Hyssing’s little adventure

  1. Hyssing
    That was quite an adventoowe, hehehe. Just glad you didn’t wandew too faw and came home like a good kitteh in the end. Lovely close pictoowes of you
    Smoochie kisses

  2. Oh man! Adventure kitty will give your mom heart failure. I can see from his wee little face that he is feeling no remorse at all.


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