Agility Camp part 1 (the area)

Hi everyone!

Seems like the posts we tried to send from the phone didn’t come through 😦 But Mom and I have been in Sweden at this summer’s Agility Camp at Klickerklok. We have to take an introductory class to be allowed to train at our dog club and this was a great opportunity to combine agility training and vacation, and it was a great camp for dog training nerds! We drove down on Monday, and I got to ride shotgun part of the way to keep Mom company!



The little red house with white trim is the B&B where we stayed!

We could walk right into the fields, absolutely lovely!


This was our room!

We even had a little couch!

The trip tired me out a leetle..

We had some really lovely walks in the area in the mornings and evenings.

This little ash tree grew nearby, too!

I’ll show you more tomorrow!

Kisses, Gummi


One thought on “Agility Camp part 1 (the area)

  1. What a cool place. The cottage is beautiful. You sure look comfy napping. Have fun
    Benny & Lily

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