Walking Wednesday

Gummi and I walked to a nearby cairn to celebrate our summer vacation!

It’s up at the top of a hill, but still quite a bit of trees so nothing “mountain like”, really.

You get a nice view towards the fjord, though! And it was so nice to be out – walked for about 1,5 hours (only takes about an hour to go there and back, but we took a detour ’cause we wanted to walk some more!). Tested a new (very nice) path and stole some flowers (well, they were actually falling off a cliff, literally dangling in the air, as there was no more room for them up there so no big deal!).

Gummi had his backpack on – it’s the longest he’s walked with it so far. It actually sits quite nicely despite the flimsy appearance (there are one can of fizzy water on each side so it’s completely evenly balanced, which probably helps). He’s tried on the big one today, though, and I think it might actually work for him even if he’ll look like one of those serious backpackers.

You know… this sort of thing:

Will get a picture of him in it one of these days – perhaps let him walk with it on our next trip! We met a guy and his labragal and he got compliments on being so helpful to his Mom. I think he wanted to reply that he’d be happy to carry sausages anytime, but carrying water around and not even drinking it is just silly!

Why not just drink water from the stream and leave the water at home?!

Happy Wednesday everyone! (It IS Wednesday, right?) I’ve even done my work certification test thingy today, qualifying me for another 18 months!


3 thoughts on “Walking Wednesday

  1. Gummi you are very handsome in your new backpack. I think you need to some treats in there. You will need to keep your strength up carrying around all that water.

    Happy hiking,

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