Summer is here!

Mom’s third and final exam was today – and now she can spend all summer with ME! That’s got to make most of you a leetle envious, huh? 😉 We promise to be better bloggers from now on, at least until the next exam season!

Yesterday was Mom’s second exam (two in a row! yay!) and to keep me busy once she got home and had to do some final prep for today’s exam she got me a new KONG Wubba! She imagined I’d tear it all to pieces and be happy, but it’s actually more or less in one piece! She even chose one with a squeaky ball in it so that once it’s been separated into its various pieces I could still enjoy it!

She took some pix of me with it yesterday as I was reminding her of puppy me! I’m just as cute now as then, huh?!

BIG kisses (to make up for those you’ve been missing for almost a MONTH!) from Gummi!

2 thoughts on “Summer is here!

  1. Hi there Gummi, hope mom did ok on those tests. Your toy looks like fun. You sure are a cutie
    Benny & Lily

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