My BoomerBall and Me! (A love/hate-affair!)

Since I am super duper talented when it comes to destroy soccer balls (takes about 60 seconds) Mom provided me with a challenge! A Boomer ball.. They are supposedly virtually impossible to destroy. I said “As if!” and went to work.. This was videoed in the rain this morning with Mom’s phone, so the quality isn’t the greatest, but you can see my fun and frustration. That’s Mom’s new, un-chewed phone btw. She’s since turned on the stabilizer-thingy, so the next video of me might turn out even better.

Uh.. okay.. I might need to work at it a bit more. I will prevail, though! I promise!

Somewhat exhausted, slobbery kisses,

A hike to Teigetjødna <3

We went on another beautiful hike when the sun came out on Monday!

I’m on top of the world!

The landscape here is so amazing – lots and lots of rocks for me to climb onto!


Then we arrived at the lake, Teigetjødna!

Crazy Mom even went for a swim!?!

Nice view, huh? If you keep travelling out there the way this photo is taken this is the last pieces of land before Scotland!

I got to drink both from the lake…

…and the marshes! Nice to find lots of refreshments along the way!

My mountain goat abilities are really giving me an advantage here!

Big sloppy kisses,

About those photos..

Turns out the vet was going to take pictures of my BONES! Wasn’t that really strange? Mom says it’s to see that my hips and elbows are okay. Those photos have been sent to the kennel club to be checked out by experts. Mom also had the vet take a few pictures of my back since I was already sleeping – just to see that everything was okay there, too. Nice to know now that I’m old enough to do more hard work, she said..

Either way I was sleepy all day on Tuesday!

Gummi etter HDsedasjon

They took this photo of me when they came home. I walked around a bit at the vet’s before he called Mom to pick me up, but I mostly slept (and I might have cried and whined a teeeny little bit, but not much at all) the rest of the day. We’ll let you know when we get the results of the photos. I’m sure I’m as photogenic on the inside as I am on the outside!


More hiking!

Mom and I took another good hike yesterday!

Ned mot bårsrud
She made me wear the big backpack I’ve inherited from Tara the Airedale and even if it’s a tad big it is much more stable than the little one! Mom says I’ll get one that fits perfectly once I’m all grown up.

We walked over the way we did yesterday, but this time we were determined to find a nearby lake! After a bit of up and down we went down, down, down, down like forever!


Gummi med kløv bårsrudtjern
But we found it! We walked down the hill on the right, just at the end of the lake where the photo is taken, so pretty steep at the end! Probably not a nice walk unless it’s fairly dry. It was raining when we walked, but the ground was quite dry initially so no problem for us.

Drikke bårsrudtjern
All that walking and carrying makes me thirsty! The big water bowl is hard to reach, mom!

Blåmerket vann
We have a system for marking trails here in Norway – pale blue = summer path and red = cross-country ski tracks. You can often walk the red marked tracks in summer – but they can cross marshes and lakes that would be frozen in winter so you’re in no way guaranteed a problem free hike. That’s why we giggled at seeing this blue marked stone in the lake! Someone obviously had fun removing it from its proper location an placing it there.

Vasse i brårudtjern
Mom let me take a break and cool off in the lake!

Dans med skumbart
There was some foamy stuff at the lake shore that I just had to check out.. afterwards mom laughed at me.. no idea why!?


Gummi kikker på bårdsrudtjernet

Gummi kløver langs btj
Then we had to get ready to hike back up those hills again!

Gums opp fra Bårsrud til lysløypa
Up, up, up and more up!

Gums ved btj
We got home at last, though! All in all we were out perhaps 2,5 hours so it was a decent walkie!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend. Mom says it’s work weekend for her. I thought she promised to spend ALL her time with me from now until University starts in August!? Not fair!


Walking Wednesday

Gummi and I walked to a nearby cairn to celebrate our summer vacation!

It’s up at the top of a hill, but still quite a bit of trees so nothing “mountain like”, really.

You get a nice view towards the fjord, though! And it was so nice to be out – walked for about 1,5 hours (only takes about an hour to go there and back, but we took a detour ’cause we wanted to walk some more!). Tested a new (very nice) path and stole some flowers (well, they were actually falling off a cliff, literally dangling in the air, as there was no more room for them up there so no big deal!).

Gummi had his backpack on – it’s the longest he’s walked with it so far. It actually sits quite nicely despite the flimsy appearance (there are one can of fizzy water on each side so it’s completely evenly balanced, which probably helps). He’s tried on the big one today, though, and I think it might actually work for him even if he’ll look like one of those serious backpackers.

You know… this sort of thing:

Will get a picture of him in it one of these days – perhaps let him walk with it on our next trip! We met a guy and his labragal and he got compliments on being so helpful to his Mom. I think he wanted to reply that he’d be happy to carry sausages anytime, but carrying water around and not even drinking it is just silly!

Why not just drink water from the stream and leave the water at home?!

Happy Wednesday everyone! (It IS Wednesday, right?) I’ve even done my work certification test thingy today, qualifying me for another 18 months!