Collar shopping

Mom did a little shopping a while ago and a few days ago we got THREE packages in the mail. On the same day! Can you imagine?!

3 collars from Coley’s Collars! This is where Mom ordered my cute stripey puppy collar a year ago or so and now I needed a big boy collar! She’s been drooling over the monkey collar for quite a while and finally ordered it. FWIW everything shown here is ordered and paid for by Mom, so we only post this to show off our new stuff and to talk about shops we’ve had good experiences with. We’re firm believers of credit where credit is due around here and good service should be spoken of!

Um.. Mom? Methinks two of them are too small for me!? I’m no puppy – remember?

Turns out the little ones were for the kitties! They got matching cat collars. These collars have breakaway buckles for safety, earlier we’ve used collars with elastic so they can slip over their heads if they get stuck. Breakaway buckles are probably safer, but we’re waiting to see whether they will end up in the bushes in the garden somewhere or come back inside. The clips really seem to slide open quite easily, which is great for kitty safety.

Mom says she got great service when she asked for examples of matching fabrics! Nikki sent her several possibilities right away. Mom could probably have made a better choice, though, a smaller pattern would probably have looked better. The large blocks end up being a little more busy than fun. But we wanted to see how this turned out and they have good collars for this season, which is the important thing. Trust me – Mom’s thrilled to have an excuse to order new kitty collars next year 😉 We even got a little extra service with shipping of two separate orders! Nikki knows how to keep customers coming back.

Finally the important stuff – two of the packages were for me. Here you see me in my new monkey collar! It’s also from Coley’s Collars like the kitty collars. I also got a new tag and it matches my new collar wonderfully! It’s shaped like a G and it has my name and Mom’s phone number on it. It’s from Poochy Couture and Mom liked it so much that she ordered two more in case we loose this one. They have lots of other fun tags, too! Mom says I need one of those that say “I can’t control my licker”?! I know for a fact everyone wants to make out with me, so she’s got nothing to worry about really!

This is the image taken off the Etsy listing so we don’t have to alter the phone number and everything.. You know.. Mom wouldn’t be able to put the phone down if all my fans got our phone #!

And Mom says to tell you that all orders arrived here in Norway in just over a week, which is really great! Oh.. and there’s more stuff on the way, too, but we’ll blog about that once the package(s) arrive!

Kisses (totally under control) from Gummi