Tracking with Friends

The other day my FRIENDS came to visit. Can you believe how lucky we were to find new friends on the tracking course? Mom made tracks for Dino and Hamlet and Caroline made tracks for me!

Dino’s favorite part is finding the noms!


Little Hamlet got to follow a track in our yard and on the field so he didn’t get stuck in too much underbrush.

Making sure his human can keep up!

He did really well, but struggled a little with the (rounded) 90 degree turn. It’s actually easier to follow a track in thick underbrush, which makes more scent when bruised and disturbed, so he really did well!
Silly Auntie Caroline managed to wander off into the marsh! It was really wet – the stuff that looks like ice and snow is actually water. Hard to get sharp images when I’m virtually flying across the ground, you know.

The silly humans kept insisting I had to walk away from the track because THEY thought they knew BETTER. Hah.. as if! I managed to get them back on track (literally) again, though, even if they never found one of the markers. If they’d just listened to the expert (ME) they’d have found it for sure!

Quite blurry, but you can see my red self jump across a log in the middle of the marsh. I was up to my belly in water at one point (Auntie Caroline went into water so deep her wellies weren’t tall enough (scroll back up to see them in the photos with Dino and Hamlet!) to keep the water out and had to turn back but even with this little trick I found the way! I’m Gummi the SuperTracker, you see!

Mmm! A nice big piece of pork chop at the end! Now that the tracks are longer and more difficult I even take the time to stop for snacks along the way if someone seems to have dropped a piece of raw meat or half a hot dog, and a nice treat at the end like this isn’t wrong either!

Thanks for coming over to play guys!



One thought on “Tracking with Friends

  1. Gummi,

    That looks like a lot of work. One of my sisters would probably love to try that. Me, I prefer the easier tricks 😉


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