More walkies!

It’s just getting colder and colder! Brrr… But Mom and I took a walk yesterday after all and had some fun!
Sand? Whatchamean sand?

Zoom zoom!

Lots of fun can be had on the play ground!

It’s so windy you can see my ears flapping.. BOL!

0 degrees C, snow and wind.. lovely! But pretty in its own way. I had to stick close to the ground to keep from being blown away.. Tee hee..

In summer the hill on the left will be an island!


I’m loving vacation and lots of time with Mom and P.A., but hopefully it’ll warm up a bit soon, with the wind chill it’s pretty much impossible to stay outside for long. Brr… Good thing I love the couch and my new nylabone!



2 thoughts on “More walkies!

  1. We love playing in places like that. Sand, cool weather and mom! The perfect day
    Benny & Lily

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