We got mail!

Something arrived in the mail yesterday!

For me? Really?

It’s our prizes from Bolo’s Nosevember contest arriving from Canada! Wow! Lucky me!

Frisbee, tennis ball, notepads where I can record all my important stuff and a cute shar pei note!
Mom’s even been planning to get me a frisbee, but I’ve never chased one before, so this was a big hit!. Of course I had Mom record my first tries!

Thanks a lot, guys! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into that tennis ball! And perfect timing, too. It’s finally possible to throw balls and stuff again without ending up loosing them in the snow! (Took us a while to figure out that part, so I’m also enjoying recovering stuff around my yard.)

Kisses, Gummi!


6 thoughts on “We got mail!

    • Don’t worry about it – it arrived with perfect timing. It also reminds me that I need to make Mom ship the prize from our giveaway soon. Sigh.. humans, huh?

  1. You did better with your Bolo frisbee than we did. I fear ours was not long for the world after a couple of meet-ups with my jaws of doom. Of course those note pads are great for the humans. They seem to have a lot of important things to remember.


  2. Wow Gummi you must have been so surprised to get all those cool gifts. Have fun playing
    Benny & Lily

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