Hi everyone!

Since I’m almost ONE YEAR OLD Mom is letting me wear Bajas’ old backpack! She says that I can’t have anything heavy in it just yet, and that I’ll need one that fits me better when it’s time for any weight in it, but that I can use this to get used to carrying stuff around. How cool is that? Soon I can carry my own treats along on walkies to make sure we NEVER run out!


Don’t I look grrreat?

We have a couple of blurry pix, too! (Lucky you, huh?)

The only downside was that I wasn’t allowed to run off leash wile wearing it – something about not rolling around in the snow with it. Hmpf..



3 thoughts on “Backpacking

  1. What a great idea to be able to carry your own treats, Gummi! Practice, practice so you can carry tons of treats. You never know when you’ll get hungry!

    Love ya lots,

  2. Gummi! One year old already. I am sure Bajas would be proud of the way you are carrying his back pack.


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