Kitty scent work

The kitties were hungry and annoying the other day, so I gave them something to do. LOL..

At one point they wanted the same treat and stood forehead against forehead pushing back and forth.. Unfortunately I had turned the video off by then, it wasn’t very action packed.

At least they figured out what to do eventually. Silly kitties.


We got mail!

Something arrived in the mail yesterday!

For me? Really?

It’s our prizes from Bolo’s Nosevember contest arriving from Canada! Wow! Lucky me!

Frisbee, tennis ball, notepads where I can record all my important stuff and a cute shar pei note!
Mom’s even been planning to get me a frisbee, but I’ve never chased one before, so this was a big hit!. Of course I had Mom record my first tries!

Thanks a lot, guys! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into that tennis ball! And perfect timing, too. It’s finally possible to throw balls and stuff again without ending up loosing them in the snow! (Took us a while to figure out that part, so I’m also enjoying recovering stuff around my yard.)

Kisses, Gummi!

Mom’s Master’s Thesis

Hi everyone,

As some of you know Mom started on the part of her degree that will be her Master’s Thesis this year.. She’s got 1,5 years, so will finish in June 2013 with a Master’s in Science Education. Her actual thesis will be a biology one, though, and the education part is already behind us as part of the Bachelor degree and beginning of the Master’s (it’s a sort of all in one package deal rather than two separate degrees, really). This spring semester will be her most hectic one as she’s got more than the regular number of classes AND prep-work for the actual thesis, which is why we have been and probably will be disappearing from the Blogosphere from time to time at least until summer. So – we won’t go into much detail, as that’ll probably kill you all from boredom, but wanted to tell you a little about what she’s going to be doing!

This is the Norwegian Opera House. I suppose you’ll either love it or hate it – Mom likes it and I don’t really care. The marble slopes into the water, and then below the surface they have created 3 long, low steps that continue the slope more or less. Since the building was completed a few years ago all sorts of algae, cyanobacteria, snails and other little things have settled here and created their own ecosystem. So what Mom will be doing is figuring out who lives there and in what quantities. There are more construction works planned in the area and this way they have something to look back on to see if/how that work (or more work to improve the quality of the water here in the inner part of the Oslo fjord) will affect the marine life in the area. So if you’re planning to visit Oslo we suggest doing it when you can combine viewing the Opera AND Mom crawling around half under water gathering up algae and snails and such. Tee hee hee..

Virus, Hyssy and Gummi


..uh oh..

We have to do something? Really?

Happy Monday everyone! At least it’s my class tonight, so Mom and I can have some fun. Oh – and Mom’s signed us up for agility classes this summer! I’m so excited! But will tell you more about that later.