A few old pix I recieved

My dad sent me some old pictures of Bajas a while back. All photos are taken in and around our cottage.

Relaxing in the sun!

And his favorite, and possibly mine too: Bajas relaxing in the old trough we keep the newspapers in.

I picked up the ashes the other day.. a little sad and strange, but in many ways we have gotten more used to it by now. And we joked a little about him being black and shiny as always (the urn) .



We’re at the lake!

Finally! It’s been too long since we’ve been up here and both the kitties and Gummi has enjoyed it a lot. The kitties mostly because it’s so nice and warm here, I think.. LOL.. It’s rather chilly at our house unless we’ve got the fire burning.

-18 C and sunny when we arrived, so Gummi and I walked along the shore (on what’s the lake floor in summer) for a while after dinner.
The sun was setting, but still pretty!

Silly puppy…


Lots of cool ice formations, too!