Tricksy Thursday

Hi friends!

We hope you have had a great time whether you’ve celebrated howlidays or not. We haven’t really been busy, but rather uninspired. Mom’s been unpackin boxes and all sorts of boring stuff. We’ve gotten a little training done, though!

And Mom’s said she’s going to teach Gummi to wipe his paws and grind his own nails. Time will show if that’s really going to happen.

Earlier this week I got to go to a pawty! I got to dress up as Santa Paws and sit in the passenger seat next to Mom on the way there and back!

Notice the conveniently placed pug for maximum tripping opportunities!

I got to snuggle with auntie!

I had some fun with Odin, too!


One thought on “Tricksy Thursday

  1. Bajas! Right in the middle of everything as usual. Hope some snacks fell into your little pug jaws of doom. Keep fighting the good fight, my friend.


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