Post #888 and a giveaway!

Hi everyone!

This is, according to WordPress our blog post #888! That is a much more fun number than let’s say 900 so we thought we’d celebrate with a little giveaway. Remember Gummi got a new toy a few weeks back?

It certainly brought out his silly side (like it’s ever hidden).

We’ve decided to give away a toy like this – more or less in the color of your choice. The winner  will have a choice among the colors of feltable wool in Mom’s collection.

We hope it will put a smile on somedoggy’s face. The kitties here like wool, too, so if any kitties want to join in the fun they are of course welcome to.


These toys are nice for a game of tug. Or for those who like to run around and slap themselves with a floppy toy they’re good for that, too.

PhotobucketTug with me, Mom!!


I promise I won’t let Gummi drool on your new toy. Instead I’ll make sure it gets a little Lucky Pug Snot on it.

So – how to enter? Post a comment on our bloggie telling why you love me so much.. Uh.. Not that? Okay.. the Momster insists that it’s not a good contest (hah.. she has no taste!).. So then I want to know what your favorite dog book is. It can be any kind of book as long as a dog (or more) has a prominent place in it. (Fact, fiction.. whatever!) Comments should be posted by the end of Saturday and Mom should be able to post the winner on Sunday (or Monday… it’s a work weekend for her so don’t get your hopes up!)

Snorts and kisses,

7 thoughts on “Post #888 and a giveaway!

  1. Cool count us in! My two favorite (couldn’t pick just one) are Schnitzel von Krumm Forget-Me- Not an adorable little book about a Dachshund and Little Dog: Training Your Pint-Sized Companion
    Dachshund Nola

  2. I love woo fur your khytties 😉

    Oh wait, I have to paw about a book…

    How about White Fang? Or Call of The Wild?? Or Max Dog??? Or Jack The Labradork From Arizona’s Book????

    So many choices!

    PeeEssWoo: Khongrats on the gr888t milestone!

  3. But I DO love you, you little Gummi dog. Although I kind of love Bajas even more.


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  5. Well we immediately thought of our Canadian author Farley Mowat and his novel, The Dog who wouldn’t be, or the novel by Fred Gipson , Old Yeller. Two great books about dogs 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

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