MomDay Morning – on Stupid People

Okay – so we shared this link on Facebook last night when we discovered it, but couldn’t help posting it here as well! It’s about poorly socialized humans who think they can terrorize other dog owners at their pleasure just because they have only two brain cells and no ability to think.

Wonderful illustration by Lili Chin @

We encourage all our friends to go over here and read this article:

We haven’t been in that sort of situation for a while, actually, now that we’re in the middle of nowhere. But just thinking about it makes me mad.. I don’t even really care whether the dog has any issues or not, you should ASK before letting your dog approach another dog you don’t know. It’s really that simple. I once worked on only letting Bajas meet dogs after having gotten permission to do so. How well does that when all the “friendly” Golden Retrievers come up and say hi anyway? If you have a MDIF (or more) in your area perhaps you should print out a few copies and hand them out at walks?! 😉


5 thoughts on “MomDay Morning – on Stupid People

  1. Excellent post! Ellie is one of those dogs in need of space. Mom & dad have to repeatedly request that people not approach or even talk to Ellie as she is nervous around strangers and dogs she does not know. She isn’t a bad dog, but she needs to approach people/dogs on her own terms in her own time frame. Do people listen to Mom & Dad? Unfortunately, the answer is no most of the time.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

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