Silly Sunday – memories

Hi everyone! Mom’s busy writing on her paper and we thought you’re all bored with Gummi’s tidying skills by now so we looked up some old photos instead. Here are some silly pictures from last years Christmas photo shoot! Mom will try to do one this year too, probably, once her exam papers are all handed in! Who wants to bet on how much of her Christmas accessories Gummi will chew and destroy?!



Oh, the disgrace…

Uh Mom? MOM? Virus is getting this mistletoe-thing all wrong!

At least I got proof that the kitties are the ones who ruin stuff! BOL!

Happy second Sunday of Advent everyone!


4 thoughts on “Silly Sunday – memories

  1. Great photos. Mom used to put reindeer antlers on me, but she hasn’t done it in a while. I hope she doesn’t suddenly remember and try.


    PS You would NEVER destroy any ornaments or accessories.

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