Recallers 3.0

So – I’ve signed up for Susan Garrett’s Recallers class at the last minute. Ayone of our blogging friends there? I couldn’t really afford it at the moment as I know there will be expences with fixing the speedometer on my car and I’m not sure how much. I was SO disappointed having to give it up after waiting since spring.. But my dad was kind enough to lend me the money, so I’m one lucky gal tonight.

Hopefully this silly boy will get some benefits from the class! His recall is pretty good – but he’s at that age when it could deteriorate at any moment… Plus – we haven’t had too many places to train with lots of disturbances… I hope the games we’re going to learn will be useful for all sorts of settings. I’ve heard so many great things about it – hopefully my expectations won’t be too high! 😉



5 thoughts on “Recallers 3.0

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