Is it a sheep?

Is it a whippet in a curly wig?

No – it’s a Bedlington Terrier!

They might be an acquired taste, but Mom’s actually started taking a liking to them. Our Auntie and her family were looking to add a puppy to their family and they needed a dog that doesn’t shed. They were looking into poodles when Mom suggested taking a look at the Bedlingtons. Mom loves poodles, like my buddy Cosinus from puppy school, but they are quite high energy dogs and she thought Auntie might like a dog that’s calmer around the house. She’s got a toddler after all!

Odin was tired and not too interested – but the rest of us got to meet some very sweet and calm dogs – and so soft and fluffy! They’ll even have Mom consider a fluffy dog if I’m not careful, BOL! There will be puppies born in early December – and perhaps one of them will join Auntie’s family. We can’t wait to see!

B (who’s a little insulted I didn’t get to come along)

7 thoughts on “Is it a sheep?

  1. LP used ot have a blue bedlington terrier.They are beautiful dogs but hers died quite young because of liver disease which they are prone to. 😦

    the critters in The Cottage xo

    • Oh that’s sad.. Thankfully it’s so much easier now that they’ve found genetic markers and can test for it – that way you can make sure no affected dogs are born. You still have carriers, though, so it’s still necessary to test all dogs.

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