Thankful Turkey Day

Now we don’t really celebrate thanksgiving here, at least not in the way it’s generally thought of which is the classic “turkey day” stuff. We do have a thanksgiving/harvest day in fall, but it’s not celebrated in the same way. Either way – we’ve been eating turkey around here lately. We can generally get cheap turkey and other Christmas foods this time of year, and now that we have plenty of freezer storage I got a couple mostly intended for the boys. Let’s just say they haven’t been complaining!

Since the tracking session on Monday went so well I made it a little more difficult for him on Tuesday. However, YouTube is being stupid and we’re not able to share the video yet. Hopefully it will turn up here:

Here’s a collage of our dinner today, though! We’ll probably have leftovers tomorrow. And the day after. And..

Right now we are very thankful for Turkey! We’ve got lots of other things to be thankful for, too, but Mom’s being grumpy today and it’s sort of rubbing off on us. Her car decided to go mess up its speedometer yesterday, and now she’s a nice new expense to look forward to. Oh yeah.. and the power supply chord to the laptop died on Tuesday and the screen on the little computer on Wednesday. So happy all around! 😉

the Wriggles

7 thoughts on “Thankful Turkey Day

  1. Sorry mom is grouchy, but those things seem kind of annoying to say the least. Enjoy your turkey!


  2. Wow! You are very good at tracking, Gummi! Enjoy your reward!
    The berries in the basket in front of Maggie are from the Bittersweet Vine. I updated that posting with a link.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. OMD! How do i NOT know you guys? I live in Switzerland, and am a HUGE raw feeder. I just LOVE what you do with this game! awesome!

    here’s my original post on chicken legs and raw that’s kind of cute:

    also, i’m going to send your raw feeding link to a friend in CH here because her lap dog has tremendous “protein” allergies and she has such trouble. she’s really adament about not feeding raw or protein. i never dreamed it could be an issue with cooked! wow.

    really cute blog. and cute dogs. i have big dogs, but all my life i wanted a lap dog. boo! but mine are pretty fun and who can’t help but love all dogs, big or petite?
    nice to meet you!

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