The Pet Food Jungle

Hi guys!

As you know we here at Camp WriggleButts feed a home made, raw prey model diet. This isn’t something you can do without spending some time learning about nutrition and how to make the food balanced and correct. Although we’d love for every cat and dog and ferret out there to have a natural diet like us we understand that it’s not likely to happen, at least not in our lifetime. We came across these great videos about reading pet food labels and just wanted to share. Learning how to figure out what’s in the bag/can and whether it’s good for us can be hard, and these videos are quite easy to understand and very informative. What Dr. Karen Becker says is very representative of what we’ve learned after years of reading studies and articles and text books so we feel confident in recommending them.

Note – these are American videos and so all the talk about choosing American products is of course only valid in the US, although the part about avoiding Chinese treats is probably true for all of us. We generally recommend you to source your food as locally as possibly, and that goes for both two- and four-legged friends.

The planned post for today about Gummi’s new toy can wait until tomorrow. We hope these might be of use to some of you and we’ll probably include them in our food section of the website once Mom has the time to make it all better.

Hyssing, Virus, Gummi and Bajas

PeeEss: Mom’s knee is much better already after a weekend having it up most of the time. She also went on an exciting visit on Saturday that we’ll get around to tell you about eventually.


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