Cartonized Caturday

Happy Saturday everyone! We’ve had some fun at the Cartoonize site. They let you make a cartoon look-alike of your cats.. So here is Hyssing:

You’re not allowed to add the spots on the nose (his half mustache), but it’s still fun! The one of Virus may actually be looking more correct, but we didn’t want the two cartoon cats end up looking too much alike so we made Hyssing a bit different.

And now.. the pièce de résistance…. we decided to see how close we’d get to DOG look-alike with the kitty cartoonizer. They don’t have one for dogs, unfortunately…


Not so bad all in all, kitty challenges taken into consideration.. Now Gummi, on the other hand.. wasn’t quite so lucky! We haven’t stopped laughing since we saw this:







You ready?







Heheheheheheheehheehehe…. Happy Caturday everyone!


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