Hi everyone and welcome to our new blog!

As you can see we’ve imported all our old posts from Blogger so we’ve got everything at the same place, but please update your bookmarks! If you want to see our personal pages you can access them from the menu underneath the header photo. Mom has promised to make them better soon, but there’s already some info and pictures there if you want to have a look. We’ve also made special pages for two of the main themes here – RawFeeding and Clickertraining. Both pages are based on previous blog posts and we’ll let you know when we add information to the pages.

We’re happy to inform you that Mom successfully completed her qualifying at the High School she’s been at the last 9 weeks, which means that (as long as she passes her exam) she’s a teacher! She will begin on her Masters degree after Christmas so won’t start working as one just yet. Hopefully our blogging schedule will go back to normal now that she’s got a few brain cells available to do other stuff. She got sick this week, though, so give her a little more time. We haven’t done too much fun since she’s been so busy, but Gummi has made progress in his training and it’s gotten really chilly but still no snow.

Two good friends in front of the fireplace.

Quite surprisingly we discovered that the MilkMaid Mom tried to grow in one of the trees in the garden has a flower! We can’t say the project was a big success, but it wasn’t really a failure either when we got a flower!

Bajas ❤


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