Therapy Dog

Bajas got to try his paw as a therapy dog yesterday. My grandpa has pneumonia and I took the dogs along since I was gone most of the day. Bajas got to spend most of the time inside, since Gummi is a bit too much all over the place yet..
I was quite impressed with Bajas, he behaved perfectly. He’ll always follow me if I leave the room (I teach them this as puppies, so they don’t get into any mischief when I can’t see them), but we have a “stay” hand signal I used when I left the room, and he would stay. Good puggie!

Gummi did get to go running in the garden, and visit HIS grandpa a little later in the day. And we did some work on a new “spin” trick when we came home.

We are not good bloggers lately, please forgive us. I’m so very busy with an internship as part of my degree and when I have time over it’s mostly used to train and walk Gummi and a little couch time with Bajas. Now I have a week off (fall break), but then another 5 weeks of the madness, so it won’t pass for a while yet. Hopefully we’ll get some blogging and catching up done this week, though!

Ane & the WriggleButts

5 thoughts on “Therapy Dog

  1. Ougs really are the best therapy dogs. No matter how sad or down you are feeling a pug will cheer you up (even if you don't want them to)~Mandap.s. I hope your grandpa is feeling better soon 🙂

  2. Bajas is a natural therapy dog. I bet that visit really cheered Grandpa up and made his healing chemicals go into high gear.Slobbers,Mango

  3. Bajas looks like a fantastic therapy dog, I am sure it did Grandpa the world of good. Our black Pug Elvis is a Pets as Therapy dog here in the UK (the others are too crazy!) and he visits an old folks home twice a month and they love him. It is lovely to see what joy animals bring into the lives of others.Jo & The Pugs xx

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