Puppy Socialization – Dog Show

Hi everyone! Mom went to our puppy class theory night on Wednesday and among other things they got a nice booklet with lots of stuff for us to work on. Mom and I were rather proud when we handed it to P.A. – he looked through it and said “But you’ve DONE lots of these things!?”. Because yes, we had! But there was also lots of things we haven’t mastered yet and one of the things on the socialization list was: take the puppy to a dog show. So, when Mom discovered there was a big dog show THIS weekend.. Well.. You can imagine.

This morning we got up early, drove to the station and found a train!


Once we reached Oslo we found a bus!


The bus driver was very nice, and chatted with Mom most of the way to the show. He talked about the dogs from his home village that guard the sheep and cattle. I also got to talk with a German lady. Neither of us speaks German, but she could scritch and kiss me just like anyone else.


Then we arrived at the craziest place I have ever been!


Did you SEE that thing, Mom? It smelled like a dog, but it looked like a walking mop!?


We saw very skinny whipped dogs.. (Whippets, Gummi, they’re called Whippets!)


…dogs the size of houses (or at least a car)..


..dogs running over and under and through all sorts of stuff.. It truly was amazing. We walked through a lot of different little shops that sold yummies and toys and such, but Mom didn’t get me anything. Unfair!! I got loads of kisses from people working there or walking by, and I spoke to lots of different dogs. An American Cocker Spaniel, a Bordeaux Dogge, a Whippet, a Boxer, a Jack Russel and probably some I’ve forgotten.


Then we got back on the bus and then the train and then the car and when we were driving home the rain started. Pretty good timing, huh?

Now it’s time for a nap! Hope you’ve done some fun stuff this weekend, too. I hope there are more adventures in that booklet.




6 thoughts on “Puppy Socialization – Dog Show

  1. Dog shows can be lots of fun and there are usually places that sell noms. Don't you love seeing all the different sizes and shapes of dogs?Slobbers,Mango

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