Come take a walk in our garden!

Today is a gray, wet and miserable day around here. So – we thought we’d take you for a virtual stroll around our garden to see what’s going on there at the moment.

Our butterfly nasturtium! It’s climbing on and alongside our Lemon Drop chillies.

Casper going for a walk in our garden.

Sometimes we help Mom in the flower beds. She’s somehow not always as impressed as she should be!

Can you see Virus checking out the veg patch? We’re starting to wonder if we’re getting baby corn rather than corn this year, if anything at all. This gray summer has not helped it grow fast enough we think.

Our cucumber plant is very productive and Mom eats at least one of this “Miniature White” cucumbers every day!

The kitties love playing in the garden! And Bajas and Gummi enjoy each other’s company even if they’re separated by a fence. Gummi still thinks Bajas is a big stuffed toy from time to time, and unless closely supervised they are separated.

Virus loves Bajas, Bajas thinks Virus can be a bit annoying from time to time.. LOL!

Our feathered poppies, “Venus”, are finally in bloom. Strange and funny more than pretty, perhaps, but we like them!

Bajas is a very good gardening assistant!

Pretty, pale yellow nasturtium “Ice Age” looks nice along the purple chillies of our “Filius Blue”.

We hope to get ripe tomatoes before the cold autumn is here. We’ll see..

At least the “Hundreds and Thousands” are providing tomatoes for us! They are really living up to their name 🙂

Hope you all have a nice Sunday!

the WriggleButts

7 thoughts on “Come take a walk in our garden!

  1. Thank you for the garden tour. That Gummi is still kind of a soft brained puppy, huh? Don't worry, he will outgrow that. Nice to see Casper fitting in.Slobbers,Mango

  2. Wow! Your feathered poppies are stunning! We have never seen anything like them. We have seen a kitty who reminds us of Casper though- Lishy! :)Thank you for your purrs for Fui, friends 🙂

  3. Baja, Gummi, viwus and CaspewThank you fow those lovely pictoowesI think youw gawden is lovely. I don't know why hoomans awe not mowe appweciative of all ouw hawd wowk sometimes, at least Bajas is smiling wif his accomplishmentssmoochie kissesASTA

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