2011 Egg Challenge

Hi everyone!

Want to join the challenge? A discussion on WhippetWorld somehow turned into the 2011 Egg Challenge. Here’s my video of my first introduction to a whole, raw egg. Why don’t you try and show the result on your bloggy? I sure had fun, as you can see here:


PeeEss: We had a question about the shell – it’s no problem if the dogs eat them, we actually used ground eggshell for the kitties as a substitute for bone before they got to be great bone crunchers.
PeePeeEss: We know many who give eggs frozen as a nice, refreshing treat. It’s good if they know it’s edible before you try that one, though!

6 thoughts on “2011 Egg Challenge

  1. OMG! Mom was YELLING at the screen…"BITE IT DUDE!!!"We're glad you finally cracked the egg open and got the yummies inside! Your whippy tail is SOOO cute!!!Love,S-Dog

  2. Yes, Emily, they can eat the shell without trouble (it's likely to pass through almost undigested, but the pieces aren't large enough to cause trouble).

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