I has a FRIEND!

Okay, so I have my brudder Bajas (who think I can be a pain in the butt) and the kitties, but I haven’t really had any friends of my own. But yesterday Mom had planned a play date for me! She joined the local dog club when we moved here, so we’ll have someone to train with, and she posted on their facebook page if anyone would like to come along for some puppy socialization. And Alto and his mom said they would be happy to meet me and help me gain all the necessary social skills. Here’s a video of what we did. We also had a running session at the end that Mom didn’t video, and Alto did lots of puppy bowling which Mom says is good for me. And it was pretty fun, too! The humans agreed I have very good dog language skills. I didn’t get scairt when Alto was growly with me, but I always knew he was the boss!

Hope you all have a great weekend, guys!

6 thoughts on “I has a FRIEND!

  1. Oh dear, you are so bouncy. I would not like having you around for sure. I hope your new pal helps you learn how to be a grown up doggie.Slobbers,Mango

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