Meet Casper!

He’s friendly, but not a ghost!


He’s deaf and needed a new home. Originally friends of mine wanted to take him in, but it didn’t work out. So now he’s here to see if he’ll get along with the boys here.

He enjoyed watching me water the plants last night. Otherwise he hasn’t done much yet.. He’s not afraid of the dogs, but thinks Gummi can play a bit too rough (don’t we all..). Hopefully he can make a nice play mate for Hyssy (Virus can be a bit grumpy and doesn’t want to play as much as Hyss) and perhaps even Gummi, too. Fingers crossed!


12 thoughts on “Meet Casper!

  1. He is beautiful… Mom says he reminds her of a kitty she had growing up that was named Casper too!!We hope he continues to get along with everyone :)Pugs & Kisses,Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  2. Casper is very handsome. Mom says he reminds her of Lucky's boyfriend Luxor. Lucky thanks you for taking Casper in, as she is partially deaf and knows that can be hard on some people. We all hope he fits in.Roxy

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